The Sixth Edition | 24. 10. 2020. | Malmö, Sweden

The wettest and hardest art event of the year!

Erotikafton is an annual art event by Fennek Film, dedicated to erotic art in all its shapes and forms, that has been held in Malmö, Sweden since 2015.

Our ambition is to create a platform that gives space to as many forms of erotic art as possible, and to as many kinds of artists as possible, thereby broadening perspectives regarding bodies, sexuality and identity.


With Erotikafton, we want to broaden the idea about and the view of what erotica is and can be – seductive, lustful, fun, sickening, provocative, political, corporeal, intellectual, mind-broadening.

Erotikafton is a celebration and a tribute where we embrace erotica, the body and sexuality.

Erotikafton 2020 is organized by Fennek Film in collaboration with Inkonst, with support by Malmö stad.