Fotograf Andreas Paulsson (photography)

The Lounge 12:00–16:00 & 19:00–04:00.

The Malmö icon Andreas Paulsson’s playful and challenging art has been known within the Swedish gay scene for a long time. The experienced Erotikafton and Förspelet visitor recognizes him from Erotikafton 2018 where he exhibited photos from his exhibition “LEK” and Förspelet 2019 where he exhibited material from his brand new exhibition “Hemma hos”.


During Erotikafton 2019 Andreas Paulsson will be exhibiting ”Ur naturen sprungen”. The exhibition was first displayed at Malmö Pride 2018 in St. John’s Church in Malmö.  


In his photography, Andreas mixes his commitment to LGBTQ-issues and aims to increase visibility for those who usually are denied space in the public sphere, for instance through his long-time cooperation with for example RFSL, Malmö Pride, Stolt i Lund and the Swedish Equality Commission (DO).

Fotograf Andreas Paulsson website.

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