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FlickerFuckers have been with us for every event since the very first Erotikafton back in 2015. We’re thrilled to present them once again, and they are thrilled to present to you their brand new video, which will premiere at Förspelet 2019.


FlickerFuckers is a Malmö based duo creating Artporn. Their work is made mostly in the video format, but they also work with photography and performance. FlickerFuckers are screening some videos the traditional way at film festivals but their primary focus is to create conceptualized projects with videos that screens as part of installations in a separate room, integrated with audio, acoustics and light.

“FlickerFuckers erotic art solder together tenderness with violence. It challenges ideas about intimacy. A touch can be done with lips or fingertips – if you’re blindfolded you wouldn’t notice the difference. The brush of a goose feather could easily be confused with the tender stroke of a razor blade.


There is no acting involved in FF’s works. All reactions are occurring in the moment, as acts of trust. It’s about making yourself vulnerable – and to manage that trust.


The works seem to be taking place in a post-apocalyptic state where everything is allowed. The room is created by flickering and unpredictable lighting, which forces the viewers to sharpen their minds. The fragmentary editing distorts the perception of time and creates a constant ongoing now, where the naked, authentic feelings of vulnerability and intimacy are at the heart of it.”

Tor Billgren

Art critic

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