"Love Soil Obstacle Course” pt. 1 (interactive live installation)

Inkonst, The Club



“Love Soil Obstacle Course” pt. 2 (performance)

Inkonst, The Club


After Fördärvet’s success at Erotikafton last year we did what every sensible person would do: we booked them for the whole year. In 2019, Fördärvet will create a performance trilogy titled “Pollinate” for Erotikafton and its younger siblings. The trilogy is about pollination, the fertile soil of Skåne and the deep-set longing for nature.


You reap what you sow. Like bees Fördärvet turn nectar into honey, through a performance-practice based on ideas of sexual systems and plant reproduction — Fördärvet cross-fertilize, self-pollinate and dive into erotic myths.


At Erotikafton, in October, it’s time for harvest. Fördärvet celebrate by throwing an extravagant party: "Höbalen", inviting you for a glass of fresh milk and to dance on bales of golden hay.


In December, darkness prevails and Fördärvet arrange the most sensual of coffee dates, "Knullkaffe". Like the land our bodies need to recover from rigorous activity. It’s time for a full experience of post-sexual after-care.


But NOW is the time for sowing. At Förspelet, in May, Fördärvet plant their golden seeds of passion. Pick a fruit and choose your own adventure on the “Love Soil Obstacle Course”.


Love can be cultivated through a combination of effort and attraction, a fruitful endeavour not unlike moving through an obstacle course. Are you up for the challenge?


Contract and expand, chalky fingers swiping yes to cheerleading sensuality, playful recharging and the generation of heat. A warm-up is never just a warm-up: it's an awakening of the senses.


Come blow your magic whistle and celebrate that which is yet to come. It's time to rehydrate, stretch and moisturise!


Fördärvet is a performance art collective, a group of six artists with collectivity in their (actual) DNA. Fördärvet means “destruction”. Through theatre, dance, music, installation and film they tear apart the absurdity of contemporary life, deflowering and destroying that which comes out in order to create an allowing platform. They are the good bacteria in our gut floras, or rather, a fiery Chimera. With rubber, LinkedIn, champagne, dance and the colour beige they portray the grotesqueness of their time.

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