Jonatan Gyllenör

(Installation art)

Fennek Film's very own Jonatan Gyllenör is not only the creator of both Förspelet and Erotikafton: he is also a video artist, filmmaker, photographer, director and producer. Jonatan’s erotic career began when he was 13 years old when he printed pornographic images on his parents' printer that he put up on various bulletin boards at his school.


Jonatan started making erotic films in 2014. His first erotic film included, among other things, clips between images of human genitals and different animals. The film upset one of Jonatan's friends so much that the friend in question dismissed all contact with Jonatan. Jonatan's films have been shown at film festivals all over the world and his films have been nominated for prestigious awards, for instance La Fête Du Slip in Lausanne and Porn Film Festival Berlin.


However, it is not through film or video art that Jonatan will participate at Förspelet 2019, but with a titleless art installation. More than that we do not want to disclose. Except that it will be childishly fun. Because it will be. Childishly.

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