Jonna Hägg

(Video art)

Jonna Hägg is one of the latest stars in Malmö’s art sky. Her art often deals with how the different organisms in nature are interconnected, and which parts humanity and technology play in this complex network.


At Förspelet 2019 Jonna will premiere two films. One of them is a closeup view of a bee society. In it, we get the chance to reflect over the doubtlessly sexual role bees have in the ecosystem. Thoughts also concern the bees’ own – more violent – reproduction. After mating the male’s genitals stick to the queen’s body and fall off his own body, which inevitably leads to death. This life-and-death sexual behaviour makes one think about both some practices within the BDSM-spectrum and the French expression “la petite mort” – the little death, which is a poetic, romantic and violent name for the mystery of the orgasm.


In Jonna’s art, humanity and nature become linked, not only because we are dependant on each other in different ways – but also through drives, behaviours and impulses.

Text by Tor Billgren.

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